Troy High School Auditorium

This auditorium is located on the campus of Troy High School in Troy, Michigan. The facility's warm acoustical quality along with its traditional feel can accommodate any function. 

The Troy High Auditorium is available for rentals during the academic year (September - June). 

This auditorium can accommodate your concerts, recitals, dance performances, theatrical performances, special ceremonies, lectures, and discussions.

TSD Auditorium Policies and Procedures 

Video Overview


Main Floor Capacity: 741 seats

Balcony Capacity: None

Type of Theater: Traditional Proscenium

Seating Chart 

House manager(s) and student staff. 

Stage Hands: Non-Union professional staff labor & non-union student labor pool. 

Event Staffing: The cost of House Staff is additional and varies according to the type and length of the event. The number of personnel is solely at the discretion of the Theatre Manager or Technical Director. 

Box Office: Available upon request

Ushers are not provided.

44 depth (Apron to Back Wall) x 40 width 

Proscenium Arch Height: 24.5 ft

House has 27 lineset single purchase counterweight system and approx 65' fly space.

The blue grand curtain and black midstage traveler are capable of being opened/closed and can be raised/lowered.
Two "full black" curtains divide the stage at 1/3 and 2/3 and can only be raised/lowered.

Cyclorama: Yes
Scrim: Available upon request

3 Tier Wenger Diva Acoustical Shell is available via Fly 

Acoustical Shell
Dressing Room
Green Room

Separate Men's and Ladies dressing rooms behind the stage. Equipped with restroom, sink, and makeup stations with makeup lighting and mirrors. 

Green Room: Available 

Band/Choir rooms also double as "dressing or meeting" areas

Steamers, washer/dryers, and quick change booths are not available.

Two back stage doors, scene shop, direct access from house "bridges" at either side of stage.

Full handicap access to stage area from backstage and from house - no steps.
House has designated Handicap seating areas. Must enter through side hallway entrance - entries from auditorium lobby have stairs.

Seating Chart 

ClearCom MS-702 Base Station and belt packs

Locations: Stage Left/Right Manager Panel, Fly Rail, Lighting, Spotlights, Sound, Video, Front of House.

Tempest 2400 wireless intercom (5)

Audio/video feeds in dressing areas, classrooms, lobby

Stage Announce Available

Console: Yamaha LS9-32 (located at top row of house)

Stereo audio - EAW, EV, Yamaha speakers

Mac Mini with Qlab Pro, Spotify

Shure Wireless (24 channels)
-6 handheld wireless
-24 body pack wireless

Speaker monitors, wedge monitors

Mic stands, DI boxes, lectern/desk microphones, hanging microphones

Hearing Assist System: None available 

Console: ETC Ion (located in lighting booth, can be relocated to lower house seating area for programming/rehearsals)

DMX Universes: 8

Dimming: Strand CD80, ETC Sensor

Fixtures: Various ETC LED and conventional fixtures. S4 LED series 2 Lustr, D60 Lustr, conventional S4 and S4 Par, ADJ Mega Tri Bar, Chauvet Rogue R1X moving head lights

Follow Spots: 2

Ultratec Radiance Hazer

Most standard Rosco / Lee gel colors available
Standard gobo / breakup patterns available

Blackmagic Design video system
Television Studio HD switcher, MultiView16, Videohub, Hyperdeck, Web Presenter HD

Panasonic PTZ cameras and remote controller

iMac and Mac Mini computers. PowerPoint, ProPresenter, Qlab Pro

HDMI and SDI inputs

Three video screens - two motorized side screens, one center via fly - side screens front of house visual only, no reverse image (not visible from stage)

Epson video projectors

Video Format: 1080p30

Video monitors available in backstage wings, green room, classrooms, lobby. 

Two house TV's viewable from the stage are available for meetings, presentations, etc.

Motorized Adjustable Pit at 15' below stage level. Large enough to accommodate 49 musicians. Electrical outlets, XLR patches to booth. Entrance through door in main level hallway. 

120 Wenger, posture correct for musicians, black in color.

100 Black Wenger adjustable height music stands.

Music stand lights available upon request.

Kawaii Baby Grand Black Short 

3-Tier Wenger Versalite Platforms
Available upon request.

Company Switch Available
3 phase (5 wire), 400amp 

None are available. 

Back Stage with direct access from the Scene Shop.
Power Assist Loading Door. 

Conductor Podium: 1
Lecterns: 2 Concord
Acoustical Shell: Available (Fly)
Dance Mat: None Available 

Main lot, visitor lot (backstage)

Troy High School

4777 Northfield Pkwy

Troy, MI 48098